Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Items of Interest - Week of All Saints of North America 2007

American Paterikon: The Lives of the Saints who have shown forth in North America

Today the choir of Saints who were pleasing to God in the lands of North America
Now stands before us in the Church and invisibly prays to God for us.
With them the angels glorify Him,
And all the saints of the Church of Christ keep festival with them;
And together they all pray for us to the Pre-Eternal God.
I have included in the above list only those North American Saints that, at this moment, either been officially glorified or are under consideration for official glorification. It is my belief and hope that the names of the Blessed Archbishop Vitaly of Jersey City and the Blessed Metropolitan Antony of New York should be added to the rolls of glorified American Saints.

Why I Am Not an Athiest
Voice of Russia's Nadezhda Pronina highlights the life and views of Fr. Deacon Andrei Kuraev.

What Is at Stake?
by Fr. Stephen Freeman. "In the struggle to come to the wholeness of Personhood - to become the “true self” rather than to sink into the “false self” our very existence as spiritual beings is at stake.

Kosovo’s Albanian Nazi Past: The Untold Story
As George W. Bush promises the creation of a new Jihadist terror state in the Balkans, Carl Savich reminds us of the Nazi-Muslim inheritance of the Kosovar Albanians.

Why Do They Love Us?
by Julia Gorin. "For a single day, George W. Bush knew what it felt like to be Bill Clinton. In Albania on Sunday, Bush for the first time got the Clinton treatment—being adored, cheered, hugged, reached for, applauded. And little wonder: Bush reiterated American support for Kosovo independence, gratifying the jihad-enabling Albanian goal for a “Greater Albania.”"

Albanian Necrophilia
by Julia Gorin. "Indeed, you could fill a mass grave with the number of empty Albanian mass graves we’ve found."

The Murderous Church of Rachel Carson
by Eli Lehrer. A century after her birth, the academic left worships a wildlife bureaucrat whose false claims have led to the death of millions of children, mostly in Africa.

Hunting Winston Smith
Ron Capshaw on George Orwell's near-execution in Spain.


Steve Hayes said...

You haven't posted for more than a month -- is everything OK?

Alice C. Linsley said...

As usual, very interesting reading. I was especially struck by the mis-application of Rachel Carson's book, which is neither scientific nor up-to-date. These idolatries are costly in terms of human lives and souls.

Also, you might be interested in the essays I posted recently on St. Ephrem's and St. Chrysostom's understanding of Lamech at Just Genesis.

God bless you!