Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Metr. St. Philaret of Moscow on Christian Education

It is very true that the gift and the duty to teach are not everybody's lot, and rare are those whom the Church has honoured with the name of Theologian. However, it is not permissible to anyone in Christianity to know nothing at all and to remain ignorant. Was not the Lord Himself called Master, and did He not call His followers disciples? Christians, before they assumed this title, bore the name of disciples. Would these terms be vain or meaningless? And why did the Lord send Apostles into the world? It was first and foremost to teach all nations... If you refuse to teach or to learn within Christianity, you are not disciples of Christ and you do not follow Him; the Apostles were not sent for you; you are not what all Christians were from the very beginning of Christianity. I do not know what you are, nor what shall become of you.

(Sermon preached in 1841, on the feast of St. Alexis)

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