Saturday, February 10, 2007

Items of Interest - Week of the Prodigal Son 2007

An Open Letter to the Holy Abbots and the Holy Representatives of the Sacred Twenty Monasteries in the Holy Community of the Holy Mount Athos
The Hagiorites are informing us that the time has come to openly confess our faith in defence of the Doctrine concerning The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. All Orthodox Christians are responsible for the preservation and spread of Holy Orthodoxy.

Concerning the Intercommunion that Took Place in Ravenna, 2002
An Article by Fr. Theodore Zisis and exchange of letters between Archimandrite George of Gregoriou, Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, and others.

Men Without Chests—A World Without Morality
Gary DeMar responds to his free copy of Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation.

Ruminating Romans: 3:21-31
Fr. Al Kimel (Roman Catholic) meditates on the insights of N.T. Wright, Anglican Bishop of Durham.

Are Protestants Heretics?
by Edward T. Oakes, S.J. A Jesuit considers the meaning of heresy in First Things. This was followed by On Heresy: A Final Word (Until the March Issue of First Things).

Congratulations, Blogosphere!
Julia Gorin rebukes the conservative blogosphere for its failure to tell the truth about the Balkans

Julia's National Post Rebuttal
"As we face a unified Europe, and in light of Western policies in the Balkans turning history on its ear--supporting a Nazi Renaissance regime and a Bosnian jihad that gave birth to al-Qaeda as a global network (9/11 Commission Report finding)--isn’t a reevaluation of our approach to this region called for?"

Vote for Edwards, Godbag Christofascists!
by Mary Katherine Ham. How Hateful Bloggers Made a Hot Mess for John Edwards.

The Morality of Rising Inequality
by Tim Worstall. "Globalization is increasing relative poverty in the rich countries, while at the same time abolishing absolute poverty in the poor ones."

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