Saturday, February 17, 2007

Items of Interest - Week of the Last Judgement 2007

The Dread Judgment Seat of Christ
Fr. Stephen Freeman on what proceeds from the heart of man.

"We make the Holy Scriptures the rule and the measure of every tenet"
Christopher Orr comments on understanding the meaning of Scripture.

Something of an Aesthetic of Perversion
From the Ochlophobist: "Much of what we call art these days is nothing but sexualized affectation in various media forms. It is sad that many Christians, albeit to a lesser extent than the culture at large, embrace this art."

Toward a Biblical View of Obscenity
Peter J. Leithart on how the Bible describes sex, and how Christian writers and theologians should describe sex.

Should We Worry About a Bosnian Muslim Massacring People in Trolley Square?
Mary Mostert, from Banner of Liberty, tells the truth about the February 12 attack.

MSNBC: A Bosnian Kills Americans? Blame the Serbs!
by Julia Gorin. "As if we couldn’t have seen this one coming..."

The Religious Left vs. "Demonic" America
by Mark Tooley. Mainline American Protestantism, when its elites were still theologically orthodox, viewed the United States as a providential instrument for prosperity and freedom. But after its elites abandoned traditional Christianity for a plethora of radical ideologies, it discovered that America is actually “demonic.”

The Supreme Court Opinions of Clarence Thomas
Joseph Klein reviews Henry Mark Holzer's The Supreme Court Opinions of Clarence Thomas, 1991-2006: A Conservative’s Perspective, a book which demolishes the liberal mythology about Justice Thomas as a race-betraying right-wing ideologue in the shadow of Justice Scalia.

The Allende School for Subverting Democracy
By Daniel Mandel. Latin America's anti-American Left enjoys a second wind.

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