Saturday, February 24, 2007

Items of Interest - First Week of Veliki Post 2007

A Study on the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete
For the 2005 Fall Class, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America's Internet School of Orthodox Studies presented this in Real Media format, and has made it available online.

Dostoevsky and Memory Eternal: An Eastern Orthodox Approach to The Brothers Karamazov
"Central to Eastern Orthodox Christendom is the singing, at the end of every Orthodox funeral, of the song known as "Memory Eternal" (in Church Slavonic: Vechnaya Pamyat). This song also concludes Dostoevsky's great, final novel, The Brothers Karamazov...To know something of this song's meaning is to comprehend both the Eastern Orthodox faith and Dostoevsky's greatest novel."

The Blood of Martyrs is the Life-Giving Seed of Christianity!
Translated by Anastasia Donets. “The 20th century – the century of 1000 years since the baptism of Russia – also became the century marked by the most severe and cruel persecutions of the Russian Orthodox Church. Churches and wholly objects were mercilessly wrecked and defiled, innocent people of faith were killed and tortured – all of this became essentially the thorny, cross-bearing path of Christ, which many and many believers followed. Among them were church hierarchs, priests, monks and laity – men, women, and children. More than 1600 of these people who suffered for Christ have been canonized as saints by the Russian Orthodox Church.”

Serbian New Hieromartyr Sabbas (Trlaich), Bishop of Gornji Karlovac (+ 1941)
The bishop and the priests were told that they were undesirables and that they must abandon their flocks. The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Zagreb, Aloysius Stepinac, openly told Vladyka that he must leave ‘Croatian’ Karlovac, otherwise he would be liquidated. Vladyka answered him: ‘Even if it costs me my head, I will not abandon my people!’

Lent in the South
Fr. Stephen Freeman reflects on Orthodoxy in the American South. His essay ends with a link to Fr. Paul Yerger's address Orthodoxy and the Christ-Haunted Culture of the South, a must-read.

The Orthodoxy of Dickens, Augustine and the Bulgarian
Christopher Orr shares his Lenten reading.

The Meanings Of Some Essential Biblical Names
From Orthodox England. As we read the Scriptures, we may be accustomed to seeking the spiritual meaning of the words, in addition to the more obvious literal meaning. Sometimes we are so intent on this that we miss the meanings of the names found therein. In the Old Testament these meanings are often explained, but not so in the New Testament.

by W.H. Chellis, a pastor in the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America. An interesting article on the corporate unity of mankind.

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