Saturday, January 27, 2007

Items of Interest - Week After Zacchaeus Sunday 2007

Razilaženje Restored
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Ancient ways entice Detroit Christians
Detroit Free Press article featuring the conversion of former Lutheran Priest Fr. John Fenton.

Words of Warning to the Western World.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's classic 1975 Address.

The Image of God as Man of War in the Old Testament Mystics
Alexei Somov on a much-overlooked aspect of God's self-revelation. Translated from Russian by Vladyka Seraphim (Sigrist), retired Bishop of Sendai.

The Lure of External Authority
"In Orthodoxy, there is no logical epistemology by which one may know the truth and no rational mechanism by which one may get absolute rulings on what is true and what is not."

Father Sophrony on “Dogmatic Consciousness”
"Conversion is not about learning a catechism, but about acquiring the Holy Spirit - knowing God."

Croatia's Undead: the Backlash
In last week's Items of Interest I included a link to Julia Gorin's article When will world confront the undead of Croatia? This piece, one of the first in the mainstream American press to treat Croatia's Nazi past and present with any degree of historical honesty, immediately provoked what Ms. Gorin has referred to as a "Croatian Storm". On her website, she has provided us with a remarkable glimpse of the furious, and often savagely barbaric, backlash of reaction from Croats here and abroad. The first follow-up article, Lest We Believe Mainstream Nazism be Dead, dealt with the official reaction, delivered by the Croatian Embassy's press attaché. The second, a three-part piece called Letters from a Croatian Storm (Part I · Part II · Part III) chronicles the bestial popular reaction among Croats. [A WORD OF WARNING - Letters from a Croatian Storm contains extremely graphic language and imagery, almost unimaginably vile personal attacks and racial/ethnic hatred.] This is followed by Some Curiously Less Pissed-Off Readers, which shares some more supportive correspondence (none of which, however, is from any Croatians). The latest article, Some Context, from a “not-to-be-listened-to” Serb, is particularly good and consists largely of a letter from a wonderful mutual friend, Svetlana Novko, who is a Serbian iconographer living in Canada.

The Battle of Medak Pocket Part I · Part II
Canadian video documentary on Croatian atrocities. Canadian soldiers faced combat and witnessed atrocities and the Canadian public knew almost nothing about it. Requires RealPlayer

1 comment:

Svetlana said...

Thank you, dear Ephrem, for drawing attention to Julia's article and the Storm that followed.

Most of us Serbs are merely grateful to have one article, after decades of fascistic silence that has been covering the truth about unsurpassed Croat Ustasha bestiality and Serbian WWII Martyrs, published by one American mainstream newspaper.

Being mercilessly vilified throughout Western mass media over the past sixteen years might have been a bit easier to bear if there was ever an attempt by the same sources to even suggest some of the vast suffering Serbs have endured, not just in the two World Wars, but also during the 1990s civil wars that tore former Yugoslavia apart.

Julia's article is like a magical balm over one of the wounds. We can only pray and hope more honest, courageous, capable American journalists will follow Julia's example.