Sunday, December 10, 2006

Items of Interest - 26th Week After Pentecost 2006

The Myth of Objectivity
Gary DeMar on the falsity of claims to neutrality.

The Humanist Manifesto II, Choosing the Curse
Lee Duigon of The Chalcedon Foundation examines militant Antichrist Humanism. Part III of a series.

The Unsung Heroes of the Cold War
Ron Capshaw reviews Early Cold War Spies: The Espionage Trials that Shaped American Politics by Harvey Klehr and John Earl Haynes.

First 4 Seasons of 24 Online
The first four seasons of Fox's 24 are online in their entirety.

Old-Time Radio Shows of the Month
Ephrem's Old-Time Radio is back. Shows of the Month are:
· I Was a Communist for the FBI - 28 May 1952 - Traitors for Hire
· Have Gun Will Travel - 23 November 1958 - Strange Vendetta
· Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - 6 July 1950 - The Bello-Horizonte Railroad Matter
· The Bickersons - 30 March 1947 - John's New Fishing Pole

1 comment:

Ionikios said...

[Originally posted 2006-12-11 @ 3:12:03 pm]

Hi Ephrem,

I really like your website and the information you make available. Am
downloading “I was a communist for the F.B.I. right now. We are in
an all encompassing war as Christians and pray for me that I will see
the light of His face and it will be blessedness.

Bows to you dear brother,

P.S. The name of your website “runs over” into the next column and
would be more attractive if it didn’t. It is probably because I am running
800 X 600 on this computer (of course, I’m sure, many are).

A “logo” look would be nice.