Sunday, November 26, 2006

Items of Interest - 24th Week After Pentecost 2006

Entries in the Original Sin Debate
My post from last March, Original Sin in the Eastern Orthodox Confessions and Catechisms, has generated a good deal of productive commentary over the intervening months.

Teaching American History
Gary North on what the textbooks ignore.

The Black Book of the Sandinistas
As former dictator Daniel Ortega retakes the reins of power in Nicaragua, Jamie Glazov brings to remembrance the horrors of the Sandinista years.

Thanksgiving and Marginal Utility: Part I · Part II
Gary North asks, "Why is it that men become less thankful as their blessings increase?"

The World According to Carter
Alan Dershowitz reviews the Worst Ex-President's latest book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.

Crushing a Flower of the Cedar Revolution
Dr. Walid Phares eulogises the lately assassinated Lebanese Christian statesman Pierre Amine Gemayel.

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