Saturday, November 11, 2006

Items of Interest - 22nd Week After Pentecost 2006

Kherson Liturgical Music Library: Музыкальные произведения по разделам

Biblical Reference Texts
Fr. John Whiteford's recommendations for a Biblical Studies library.

Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad: Introductory Speech at the European Conference on Christian Culture “Giving a soul to Europe”, Vienna, 3-5 May 2006

Behind Kosovo's Façade
“Forget multi-ethnic Kosovo. Forget Resolution 1244. We only signed that to get rid of the Serbs.” The Serbian province of Kosovo is nearing the artificially imposed time limit for a “final decision” on its status as either an autonomous Serbian province, or an independent state, albeit an international protectorate. And indeed the “decision” has probably already been made, which will see another tragic human exodus.

Dinosaurs in Medieval Cambodia? (click image for larger view)

This image is a carving, c. 1190 AD, from the Temple of Ta Prohm at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. From Dinosaurs and Humans.

The Only Issue This Election Day
Orson Scott Card weighs in on the War on Terror, and why a Democratic victory will ensure America's defeat.

Why Did Conservatives Lose?
"Because they weren't conservatives", says Gary DeMar of American Vision.

Republicans Lose -- When They Deserve To
Michael Reagan, son of Ronaldus Magnus, on what happens to Republicans when they start emulating Democrats.

The Humanist Manifesto II, Revisited
Lee Duigon of The Chalcedon Foundation examines militant Antichrist Humanism. Part I of a series.

Varieties of Anti-Americanism
Peter J. Katzenstein (Cornell) and Robert O. Keohane (Princeton) look at the different facets of Anti-American sentiment both here and abroad.

The Political Is Personal: Bettina Aptheker's Odyssey to Nowhere
From the Know Thine Enemy Department. David Horowitz reviews the Lesbian-Feminist Berkeley-Marxist's recent memoir, Intimate Politics: How I Grew Up Red, Fought for Free Speech, and Became a Feminist Rebel. (For those interested in this personality of American Communist Radicalism, see also Gary North's articles A Non-Nostalgic Recap of the 'Sixties and My Letter To Bettina Aptheker.)

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