Wednesday, March 22, 2006

75% of World's Poor Are Women - Empower Women of the World

On the Orthodox Re-Forum, the following message was posted by one of the contributors:

Women constitute 75% of the poorest people in the world today. But it doesn't have to be this way.

They have the power to change their world. You have the power to help them do it.

Urge congress to take women and poverty into special consideration There are still many parts of the world where women are stripped of their basic human rights. For example, in Nepal, women are considered "unclean" during childbirth and consigned to the cowshed - often cutting their own umbilical cords with a sickle still dirty from farm work. The result is one of the highest rates of maternal mortality on earth. Take action!

Sadly, as a general rule, women are more vulnerable than men when it comes to poverty:

* Women constitute 75% of the poorest people in the world today.
* Women produce half the world's food, but own only 1% of its farmland.
* Two-thirds of illiterate adults are women.

It doesn't have to be this way. Women and their families can succeed when they have the right tools and resources.

The United States has the power to make a real difference for poor women. The US committed to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Goal 3 calls for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women, and Goal 5 for a three-quarters reduction in maternal mortality. But signed nations have been falling short on action. If current trends continue, it will take 100 years instead of 10 to meet the Millennium Development Goals.

Please remind your congressional representative that as they make choices in this year's budget process, their decisions about U.S. foreign assistance programs will affect millions of women. Urge them to take women and poverty into special consideration.

Thank you for making a difference today,

Agata Gussmann Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

This message illustrates vividly the fundamental failure of our Church to do what is necessary to fulfull Christian teaching, while, reflecting the great heresy of the 20th Century--salvation by politics--and the Church's abdication of its duties to the government so that we can complacently sing our services and call for state action when it is we who need to take action.

The message runs thus: Millions of women, all over the world are suffering. Take action! Call your congressman. Tell him to give more money to the very governments whose policies entrench and institutionalise suffering.

I am sorry, but this is a pathetic response, guaranteed to do nothing to ease anybody's suffering, but sure to end up in calls for more money every year as the problem intensifies.

One of my greatest criticisms of feminism over the years is that, if they were really interested in helping women, they would not be here in America sitting in comfortable chairs bewailing the idea that men still give them sexual looks and fighting hard for the right to kill their babies (at least half of which are female). They would actually be doing something.

Where do we have an Orthodox ministry that sends workers to Nepal to actually work to reduce rates of maternal mortality? Where is the Women's group that is going into the slave markets of Indochina and buying, YES BUYING, little girls who are sold into whoredom in Phnom Penh, Bangkok, and Vientiane, and bring them back to the States or start native homes for these children? Where are the underground railroads moving the oppressed across borders? Hell, where are the parochial and diocesan programmes that would keep our own members off the welfare rolls, instead providing for them as members of our own family?

We are useless if we don't take this kind of thing seriously, and funding it ourselves! instead of leaving it to a corrupt cadre of bureaucrats, at home and abroad, whose only real concern is buying voting blocs and lining their own pockets.

The time is long past to put salvation by politics on the ashdump of history. All it has ever brought us is hundreds of millions of corpses, enslavement of whole populations, and a growing dependency by all on government programmes.

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